Delmo Chicken and Agro (Pvt) Limited
Delmo Chicken and Agro (Pvt) Limited is a leading poultry production, processing and marketing company in Sri Lanka and its products are marketed island wide under the brand name of "Delmo Broiler Chicken and parts''.
The company was founded in 1988 by its present Chairman/ Managing Director Mr Sumith Perera as a back yard poultry production business. Initially known as Delmo  Farm, the company's core business activities had been production, processing and marketing of poultry products and its operations were mainly limited to Gampaha and Colombo districts at that time. Through Mr Sumith Perera's sheer dedication, commitment and excellent customer focus "Delmo Chicken" was soon gaining popularity among consumers in the region and became a house- hold name for Broiler chicken.
However, with its limited manual processing capacity and cold storage facilities which affected further growth of business, the company, after much thought, decided to do away with processing and marketing temporarily. The strategy was to consolidate on growing operation and  re- enter in to processing and marketing business at a later stage,  in a more organized and  competitive manner with the use of new technology.

Delmo Chicken and Agro (Pvt) limited

In early 2000, in a major step towards expansion of operations with a clear vision towards further consolidation of business "Delmo Chicken & Agro (Pvt) Limited "was formed. Mr L A S Perera and Mrs K A H Perera were to function as the directors of this company. The new company soon embarked on a rapid expansion project and set up its first environment -controlled(Closed house) commercial broiler production farm with the capacity of 200,000 birds in Badalgama, thus becoming one of the most innovative poultry companies in Sri Lanka that were to embrace and introduce the latest international broiler production technology to Sri Lanka.
With its tremendous success, this was soon followed by the establishment of company's second environment- controlled broiler production farm in Boyawalana, Alawwa. This farm, which has been set up in the heart of a 65 acre coconut plantation is to have a capacity of 600,000 birds in 20 modern broiler production houses. All these farms are managed by well qualified and experienced team of staff who are continuously assisted by a competent technical team. The farm management, feeding and medication and other relevant activities are carried out using international management techniques and to comply with recognized standards. Strict bio-security measures have been put in place at these locations to prevent contamination and entry of disease causing pathogens in to poultry houses which could pose a disease threat to the birds.

Poultry Processing Plant

Delmo Chicken & Agro (Pvt) ltd has set up it's chicken processing plant in Waradala, Diulapitiya which is considered to be the country's biggest processing facility with a capacity of 35000 birds per day. This processing plant is ultra modern with techniques and equipments which are up to date and widely used whole throughout the world. The storage facilities are that of the best in technology and the largest available in country with further room for expansion. Micro biological and quality control checks are regularly carried out by well equipped and qualified personnel in order to ensure compliance with our stringent quality certification process.
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