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WHEN IT IS                                IT IS MORE THAN JUST A FROZEN CHICKEN
Premium quality day old chicks

Our broiler chicks come with a quality assurance from handpicked local breeder farms and hatcheries which represent world's leading poultry breeding companies. That is why our chicks are assured of a high growth rate, feed efficiency and a premium yield, all which assures value for money.

Management of poultry

Our broiler production farms are not only equipped with world's most modern growing technology but also managed by educated and competent team of staff who are continuously assisted by a competent technical team. The farm management, feeding and medication and other relevant activities are carried out using international management techniques and to comply with recognized standards.

Genuinely Halal

Delmo chickens are hand slaughtered by Muslim slaughters and therefore are reliably Halal.

Quality control

The processing plant is ultra modern with techniques and equipments which are up to date and widely used throughout world. The storage facilities are that of the best in technology and the largest available in the country. Micro biological and quality control checks are regularly carried out in our by our own qualified Quality Control team.